Up your email game by staying on top of campaigns & trends in your industry

Organize, compare, and and get a bird's-eye view of email campaigns from top brands & competitors in your industry

Screenshot of the Inbox Flows email library
  • We've been tracking emails for years - get access them all today

    See the emails top brands and competitors send for key events, like the new year, black friday, or even changes in privacy policies. Make sure your campaign stands out in inboxes full similar emails.

  • Easily start tracking emails from new sources privately with your team

    Start tracking emails from new sources in a couple of clicks. No more need to wrangle Gmail filters to track and share email inspiration with your team.

  • Slice and dice emails for maximum insights

    See how emails from multiple sources look in one inbox or see them in a calendar view to figure out when might be the best send times and which subject lines would stand out.

Types of emails tracked

Newsletter subscriber
Cart abandoner
Trial user