Competitor email monitoring

When you plan your email calendar or upcoming campaigns, you want to see if there's anything you could learn from others in your industry.

You know some competitors and larger brands spend up to hundreds of thousands of dollars on their email calendar and campaigns, so it's worth piggybacking on all of that research by tracking what they're sending.

You probably already monitor what the competiton is doing by subscribing to their newsletters. While this gets the job done, it clogs up your inbox, important emails get missed, and it makes things hard when you want to collaborate with teammates based on anything actionable you find.

The concept of Inbox Flows is simple. It's an inbox specifically designed to make it as easy as possible to get actionable insights from the emails your competitors are sending.

Inbox Flows is a fairly new project so it's a great time to get involved and influence the product.

Who is behind this

My name is Ramy. Im a software developer professionally, but I run a large newsletter for designers called UI Movement as well as various other products such as Letterfuel and Page Flows.

I'm easy to reach if you want to chat.


Inbox Flows is hosted on Digital Ocean and is built with Django.

The icons on the homepage are by Bryan mcc, Berkah Studio, Wilson Joseph, Dinosoft Labs, and Javier CastaƱeda.

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