What is Inbox Flows?

If you work with email you likely subscribe to newsletters and collect emails for research and competitor monitoring in your regular inbox. Inbox Flows lets you do that sort of research outside of your inbox.

We've been collecting emails for years, so you can instantly access emails brands have been sending for welcoming customers, cart abandonment, sales, holidays, and more.

Gmail & Outlook aren't made for email marking planning and research, but Inbox Flows is, so it has purpose built features like automated screenshots, team inboxes, and a calendar view.

Who's behind this?

Hey, I'm Ramy and I created Inbox Flows. It actually started as a section of a different site I run called Page Flows.

Page Flows is a design inspiration site trusted by hundreds of customers. While it initially made sense to have email design inspiration as a section on Page Flows, I learned that email teams have different needs to product design teams, so I moved that section to this site so I could add features that email marketers would find more useful.

If you have any feedback, feature requests, or just want to chat, please get in touch.