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Piggyback on your competitors' research by tracking and analyzing what they're sending without clogging up your personal inbox.

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Actionable insights from day one We track emails from hundreds of companies and are adding more every day. Access these emails without having to subscribe & wait.

Purpose built for market research Emails from companies you track are automatically organized and analyzed to make it super easy for you to see what's important.

Made for teams Create multiple inboxes with your teammates so you can all keep up with what your competiton is promoting.

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Segmentation is not a problem Want to see if a company sends different emails to male vs female subscribers? Or subscribers in the UK vs the USA? Or newsletter subscribers vs cart abandoners? That's not a problem. Track multiple personas for the same company.

Don't miss a thing Choose from either daily or weekly round-up emails for yourself and your team so you never miss important updates from your competition.

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