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Unlimited inboxes

Create easy access to ideas when you need them. Stay organized with separate inboxes – dedicate one to your competitors, another to the emails with your favourite design inspo, or one with copy you want to save for later.

Teammate accounts

Work collaboratively on your next campaign by sharing inboxes with your team. Connect multiple accounts to get all-hands-on-deck filtering through competitor emails or analyzing current trends.

Custom sources

Subscribe to hundreds of email lists without cluttering your inbox. Assign a custom-generated email address to each of your InboxFlows folders and enjoy an automatically categorized stream of content.

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Our database has thousands of emails from 350+ leading brands. Don’t worry, we’ve kept it organized – you can easily search by industry, brand, or campaign-type.

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If you want to save a campaign for later or track the emails your competitor is sending, set up a free account with InboxFlows.

Get access to a workspace you can organize into multiple inboxes and share with your team. Ultra-efficiency achieved.

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Get inspired

Fill your inboxes with trending content and design by searching a campaign we’re tracking. Search “fashion” or “SaaS” or brands like “Apple” or “Wayfair”.

For campaigns not currently in our catalogue, generate a custom InboxFlows address and subscribe to email lists outside of our platform – the emails will automatically appear in the inbox you specify so you can categorize your ideas and come back later.

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Use the InboxFlows workspace to:

  • Search and save your favourite campaigns

  • Easily compare emails from multiple sources

  • Review and plan emails with your team

  • Monitor competitors with a weekly round-up of all their emails

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